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Need Audio Visual Production for your Event? Here's What You Need To Know

Whether you're an event planner or you're throwing a private soiree, the audio visual production value of your event is a detail often overlooked.  Working with a trusted audio visual production company is a key component to ensuring a professional, polished look or sound for your show.

Often times larger companies in the hotels are "cookie-cutter" gear or AV techs offering sub-par gear with sub-par service at a NOT sub-par outrageous price.  Why?  1. Because of their size and 2. Because they can.  

While Las Vegas offers the finest event and entertainment spaces on the planet, many of the larger companies come in with over the top budgets and literally give the resorts a "Blank Check" of sorts to include the event spaces, food and beverage, hospitality suites, accomodations, which are all grouped in one lump sum so the company simply does not realize or have the time to "line item" check that they have just paid $3000 for a 50" TV on a stand for a 3-day event.  True story.  It happens everyday at every resort casino here in Las Vegas.   


  1. You ARE NOT OBLIGATED to use their "On-Site" AV companies: Crazy right?  Up until now you might have figured that you did not have a choice.  The fact is that those larger hotel based AV companies are Third-Party Vendors just like us! Phenix on Fire is a Preferred Vendor​ at many properties on the strip and has the licenses and insurance to provide AV equipment to ANY place with an event space.  In almost every occasion the ONLY items you are require to purchase through the Hotel AV company are: Power and or any item needing "motorized wheels or a lift" for gear needing mounted above 15' or from structure above.    

  2. You can Mix and Match services with other Audio Visual Production            Companies​: While you will need to purchase the Power drops from the on-site AV company, you might find a mix and match approach might work best.  As an example of a typical combination event... your group is only using one room and the "turn around time" or "room flip" is short on time.   You might have the on-site AV company drop the power, run speaker or video cable, and have Phenix on Fire bring in "the guts" such as Projectors, speakers, microphones etc.  We do this all the time and at a TREMENDOUS savings to you.  Does the on-site AV company mind? Absolutely not.  As you have already paid them quite well for their labor, power and cables. 

  3. The Audio Visual Production Gear they use on smaller events is often crap: NOTHING is worse than trying to give an awards speech to your growing company through gear thats inadequate. OR using antiquated 20-year old gear that has simply been beaten up due to years of use and sounds awful.  Why so they allow this?  Well, the main point of attention for the larger Audio Visual companies is.... unfortunately Larger events.  They use the high dollar gear for those $$$ events often leaving the "busted" gear for the "small stuff". 

  4. Their Audio Visual techs for the smaller events sometimes have little if any actual audio visual training or experience: This is by NO means an all-inclusive statement and as a matter of fact, Phenix on Fire works hand-in-hand with many well versed and experienced techs from larger audio visual companies.  That said, our feedback from our clients' previous (before they found us!) events is often that the service or tech knowledge provided from hotel audio visual professionals has been sub-par.  

  5. There are "HIDDEN" or 'BUNDLED" FEES on your AV contract: At the writing of this in early 2020 some audio visual companies are charging these to companies of all sizes:

  • an additional 22% "tax" 

  • Minimum setup and tech fees for 4 hours (half day) at $99.00+ per hour when the setup may call for 10 minutes worth of setup or strike time.


How Phenix on Fire Entertainment can help you with those challenges:


  1. We are a smaller off-site company with exponentially LESS overhead than the on-site AV companies which allows us to keep our prices often 30%-40% lower.  Does this make us a "bargain" AV company.  Definitely not.  It is our goal to offer the finest available audio visual production gear and service at competitive rates.  Believe us when we say, when it comes to your important function, the last thing you will want to do is penny pinch on crap gear. The few dollars extra to spend to have polished, high-end gear at the forefront of technology will be well worth it.  

  2. When it comes to Event Production We Specialize in Small to Medium Sized events. Typically a group of 10 to 500 is well within our wheel-house and keeps our focus on YOU along with the key members of your team.  

  3. Our owner is incredibly OCD! And honestly so are the rest of us. If we were to bring out any item of audio visual production gear that was not impeccable or adequate for you event our heads would most likely pop off due to worry our clients were not "WOWed!".  

  4. At Phenix on Fire Entertainment we get hugs from our clients at the end of their event.  Why?  We are a tight knit, knowledgeable group who CARES, not only about developing a personal relationship with our clients but in establishing a working relationship for years to come.  We are constantly working to educate ourselves to stay at the forefront of audio visual technology and you will NEVER interact with anyone in our group who does not have at least 10 years of experience in the field.  It is this vast experience and relentless attention to detail that sets our company apart.  

The proof in audio visual production service excellence is.. well... in the reviews and comments from our clients. Check them out!  


After that, we invite you to consult with a staff member at Phenix on Fire Entertainment before you make a commitment. (as we are small this will be a short list!) Bring a list of questions along to your meeting or call, and don't be afraid to get all the details to ensure they can handle your event.


Ask about our different packages and audio visual production options to understand which will best fit your event needs.  

When you're putting on an event, it's key to work with an audio visual production company that you trust. Phenix on Fire Entertainment Company is your go-to option here the Las Vegas and surrounding area.

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