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"DJ Scoobie is by far the most versatile and complete DJ I've ever seen or heard. A true performer."

         - Trey Britt - Tour Manager for Luke Bryan

Rock and Roll Set for the Accenture Event

Las Vegas 2022

The Accenture Group requested a rock & roll

set for their upcoming event at Oracle Cloudworld.. This is a fun mix of classic rock tracks from the 70's to 90's. Hope yall enjoy! 

"Corporate Event House Teaser"

For many corporate (or lounge) events, it is all about the "vibe".  Scoobie will translate his energetic flow to a sexier, subdued, chic set when creating the perfect "ambiance" is the purpose of the evening. 

DJ Scoobie Open Format Teaser 2017.mp3DJ Scoobie
00:00 / 17:22

"Open Format Teaser"

Scoobie's quick-mix, energetic style is perfect for your corporate event or private party where you'll want to keep your clients or friends dancing all night long.  This is just a sampling of the fun & uplifting beats he can spin.  

"Live from the Rooftop"

This live set was played to a packed house in the club he proudly helped design & build in HHI, SC.  Although a couple years older now, you'll want to scan through the entire track to truly understand Scoobie's incredible musical diversity spinning: Top 40 to House to Trap to Retro to EDM and back again. 

"Don't Stop the Nae Nae Rock"

This is the first "mashup" produced by DJ Scoobie.  Showcasing his creativity, & humor with an appreciative nod to old school break-dancing, this track will certainly bring a smile to your face while you won't resist wanting to do the robot & Nae-Nae at the same time. 

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