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KARAOKE (Scoobie-oke!)

"Scoobie-oke" became so popular at local events and corporate parties that since 2018 he has been featured at some of the biggest Karaoke shows on the Las Vegas strip including shows at MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay and The Tropicana.  In July 2019 Scoobie-oke was nominated  Best Karaoke 2019 by the Las Vegas Review Journal's "Best of Las Vegas". Later that year, DJ Scoobie was selected to represent Patron Tequila as their KJ on the International Cocktail Karaoke Showcase in Mexico and at locations across the country! in  It's an energetic, engaging combination of singing, music, and laughter that you will definitely want to add to your next group event. 

Scoobie-oke at LevelUp in MGM Grand Nominated "Best Karaoke"

by the Las Vegas Review Journal's

Best of Las Vegas 2019

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**2019 KJ OF THE YEAR**


Patron Tequila

on the

2019 International Cocktail Karaoke Showcase Tour

DJ Scoobie was selected in 2019 to represent Patron Tequila on their international cocktail Karaoke Showcase at multiple locations in the u.s. and invited to perform at the prestigious Patron Hacienda in Mexico!

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ICKS Event Oklahoma City

ICKS Event Oklahoma City

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