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Why Karaoke Entertainment and Makes Sense For Your Corporate or Private Event

Holding a corporate event or an office party? If you're in charge of finding entertainment, you're probably searching high and low for something with global appeal and engaging to get your staff pumped for the party. If you haven't considered karaoke entertainment, you should! 

Here is what you need to know... EVERYBODY WANTS TO BE A STAR!! 

  • The CEO who claims they want their "employees have all the fun".  Yes! 

  • The quiet accountant who says  they "don't like to sing".  Yes!  

  • The surgeon who claims they have never sang before. Yes!

If there is one thing we at Phenix on Fire Entertainment know, it is that almost EVERYBODY will get up and sing with enough "encouragement" (liquid or otherwise). ​

Since we have started adding karaoke as an option for our corporate and private events the response has been nothing short of extraordinary!  The interaction, crowd response and Memories your crew members take with them will last a lifetime.  I mean, seriously...  who does not want to say they have performed on the Las Vegas Strip!!? 

That said, there are certainly some very important facets that must be incorporated in order for a karaoke show to deliver:

  1. THE THREE "E's" of the KJ (Karaoke jockey):  They must be Encouraging, Energetic, and Entertaining.  The atmosphere needs to "feel" positive for your guests and have enough energy to keep the show going!  Our 2 KJ's at Phenix on Fire Entertainment currently host the largest and most energetic weekly karaoke show on the Las Vegas Strip at MGM Grand, host hundreds of corporate and private shows, and represent Patron on their International Cocktail Karaoke Showcase! and.... Just in case the singers take a minute to .. "warm up to the idea of getting on the big stage"..  Our KJ's are high energy DJ's who can flip back and forth between dance music and karaoke tunes to keep the party moving! 

  2. There must a wide variety of music for all genres of music: We currently use an interactive karaoke system with over 40,000 songs from almost every genre including many songs in other languages.  

  3. It better sound like a concert!: Nothing is worse than putting all of the effort into your event planning just not be able to hear the singers due to sub-par gear or an operator who does not really understand the nuances of live singers.  We employ the finest professional gear including:  Video monitors for lyrics, sound monitors for stage sound, wireless microphones, interactive karaoke app for sign up, and channel it through a sound mixer with top-notch pre-amps and effects. (Even professional singers come to our shows on the strip and compliment us on our sound and gear!)


Let's take a look at some of the other fun benefits of choosing karaoke entertainment for your corporate or private event:


  • Easy to manage - As an event organizer, you won't have to worry about any of the logistics of karaoke entertainment. Phenix on Fire Entertainment will take care of the logistics for you. This means that you can relax and enjoy the party, rather than trying to coordinate the entertainment while the party is happening. We come as an entirely self contained audio visual system, or can hook into a concert sound system at a nightclub, live music venue or ballroom. 

  • Everyone participates - When you use a standard dance floor at a party, it can take an unnervingly long time for people to get moving. Even when people finally do hit the dance floor, others will stand on the wall, uncomfortable with dancing in front of their coworkers. When you choose karaoke entertainment, the words are on the screen, and people start moving and singing without even thinking about it. They know the attention is on the people on stage, and they're more comfortable having a good time since they know everyone's eyes are elsewhere.

  • Break the ice - If everyone at your event is used to seeing one another in a professional office setting, it can be hard to break the ice in a party environment. By getting one of the higher-ups in the company to take the first go at karaoke, you're setting a fun tone that will allow people to laugh and enjoy themselves from the start! This means that there's a shorter time for people to settle in and get comfortable, and they can start having a good time right away. 


If you're thinking about karaoke entertainment corporate or private event, Phenix on Fire Entertainment is your proven go-to company for the karaoke shows in Las Vegas. 

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