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What Does A Master of Ceremonies Do?

An MC (Master of Ceremonies or Emcee) might be one of the more underrated facets of your event if you are in need of a central figure to dictate the flow of the evening. Here are just a few examples of how a great MC can set your event apart. 


  • Host - A master of ceremonies acts as a host for your event. They'll take care of welcoming guests, engaging with the audience, introducing speakers, presenting awards and any other parts of the ceremony that can create awkwardness or a disruption in flow. A good master of ceremonies knows how to think on their feet, and will keep the event running smoothly no matter what. 

  • Event Orchestrator - When you hire a master of ceremonies, you'll meet with them beforehand to talk about their roles and responsibilities  and create a SCRIPTED flow of the event.  Yes, even the most casual shows that look completely improvised have are scripted in some form or fashion.  

  • Timing - Every event planner knows that timing is an important part of a successful event whether a 2-hour award presentation or an all-day conference. Your master of ceremonies will work to keep the event running on time. They're able to speed things along if the event is dragging, or slow things down if the event is flowing too quickly. Just as an experienced event planner is able to change the pacing of the event with the audience being none the wiser.

  • Engages with the audience - Your master of ceremonies will work to engage with the audience and make sure that they're having a great time. They'll ask the audience questions, tell jokes, and use their feedback to inform how they continue to host the ceremony. Your master of ceremonies will be an expert at thinking on their feet, and they'll be able to change up what they had planned based on how the audience engages.

  • Communicate with your program director - As an event planner, you know the importance of having a point person for your event. Your program director will work directly with your master of ceremonies, telling them when to speed up or slow down, letting them know of any changes that have occurred, and telling them any announcements that need to be made.


If you're in the process of planning a corporate or private event, having an experienced MC from Phenix on Fire Entertainment can be an invaluable piece to your success! 

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