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Take Your Events To The Next Level with Our Atmosphere Models or Dancers

If your organization hosts events, you know how important it is to create an environment that allows people to have fun, relax, and be themselves while at the same time reminding them they are in the entertainment capital of the world!  One of the best predictors of attendance at future events is how much fun people have at this year's event.

Another great way to set the mood and or help break the ice is to hire atmosphere models or dancers for your corporate event or party. This might include:

  • The world famous Flamingo Girls floating around the crowd posing for pics

  • Dancers to lead the crowd with line dancing or to start the night off

  • Atmosphere models to talk about your product in your trade show booth

  • Female or Male Brand Ambassador models to promote your name with T-shirts or other event "swag".

Phenix on Fire knows that one of the often overlooked parts of event planning is helping people who might not be as comfortable in social situations enjoy the festivities.  Many people are shy and may feel awkward or nervous about approaching others. Our beautiful, professional and very approachable models or dancers walking around will help your guests feel included or festivities! 


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