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Your Checklist For Your Private Event Entertainment

Having a party? Congratulations! Planning an event is hard work, and hiring the finest entertainment is a great way to ensure a memorable party for your guests. Whether you are planning a birthday party, wedding, anniversary, pool party or karaoke jam, you and your guests deserve the best. 

Don't be afraid to give your wedding DJ a no play list. Your reception should be fun, and you don't want to hear a song that reminds you of your ex, and you might not want to spend the best evening of your life line dancing (or, maybe you do - we won't judge). Rather than try to come up with a list of do not play songs all at once, take note of them in a list on your phone - more will come to you over time.


In addition to a do not play list, you'll want to give your private event DJ a definitely do playlist too. While you likely trust your wedding DJ's judgment (after all, you did hire them), you'll want to take time to make sure they've got a good idea of the music that you expect to hear.


Go over a schedule for the evening with your wedding DJ. While your wedding DJ has done many private events, they still need to know the exact rundown for your event, even if it's similar to what's standard. If you're having a wedding, let them know how you'd like to be announced, how you'd like family to be introduced, etc. Your wedding DJ will likely have a list of questions for you to ensure that you don't miss anything.


Let your private event DJ know if there's a set stop time for the event, or if you're flexible on what time the party should shut down. A good DJ knows that sometimes, events take off and the fun lasts longer than expected. If you think this may be the case for your event, discuss this possibility (and payment) beforehand.


As you're planning your wedding, let Phenix on Fire Entertainment Company take the stress of finding a wedding DJ off your hands. Phenix on Fire works with large and small scale events and would love to chat with you about how they can help make your big day perfect.

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