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It's your big day.  You have dreamed about your perfect ceremony and reception for months now, often changing your mind over and over again until you were sure everything was just right.  Having performed at hundreds of weddings across the country, Scoobie has had the opportunity to receive a tremendous amount of feedback helping to pass that along to you. That combined with his HIGH END CORPORATE EVENT experience, he is able to offer you design expertise and options others may not be able to give you. 


That said, don't get intimidated by these fancy setups and large scale productions!  Your wedding can be as simple as a couple of speakers and a microphone while still being the perfect day.    

You have a plethora of entertainment choices out there for your wedding, and we have found that the overall "feel" of the day is most important for our new couples.  

Starting Price for Weddings:

$250.00 per hour 


Choosing the Right DJ / MC for your Special Day

One of the first things you should know about booking your wedding DJ or MC is there is so much more involved with this than arriving, setting up and playing a few songs.  The role of the DJ is integral in the flow of your special day so you need to be sure that your choice is based on more than just getting the "best price".  Here are some tips to booking the perfect DJ for your once in a lifetime event: 

  1. Make sure your DJ is a good fit for your "style" of wedding:  Do you want your wedding to be more social, where it is all about the bride and groom working the room the majority of the evening to say hi to friends and relatives? Or do you envision a "party like no other" with a packed dance floor all night? Perhaps a combination of both?  Whatever the case, talk to your DJ so you all have a solid understanding of your expectations.  And as a note I have been told to list here (from my clients) regarding my (DJ Scoobie's) style.. If you are looking for the over the top CHEESY, CHICKEN DANCE STYLE DJ...I may not be the best fit for you. ;) 

  2. Take the time to choose your music with the DJ: Many brides and grooms blow this off until the last minute or dismiss this step entirely and "assume" the DJ will just "know" the best music to play.  If you and your crowd  love retro dance tracks from the 90's & 2000's, but the DJ is playing the hottest dance floor hits of 2018 (or worse plays Cupid Shuffle 8 times during the night) you may be a bit disappointed in the outcome of your day.  Help your DJ understand your crowd by choosing some of your favorites beyond your "first dance" song. 

  3. Pick up the Phone!: Yes, I know we live in the digital age where texting and email are considered valid forms of communication, but you will definitely WANT to talk with the very person (DJ/MC) who will be dictating the flow of your wedding reception. Do you want to have an aggressive chatterbox on the mic telling everyone where to be and what dance is coming up next?  Perhaps a more laid back style would fit the bride and groom's personality?  Or maybe, as has happened, the DJ/MC is to disappear into the backdrop and say very little at all!  The only correct answer is the one that works best for YOU! That said, the only way to know this is to pick up that phone and take the time to hear their voice and learn a bit about their vocal style.   

  4. Don't be oversold on the Audio Visual Equipment: There are literally a MILLION options for your event audio visual needs (kind of like choosing your wedding cake).  Uplighting, Wedding Gobos, Cloud Dances, and Video Screens are all awesome options and upgrades for your big day, but make sure they fit within your budget and actual "needs". If the DJ is pushing for uplighting, smoke machines, moving head fixtures and 20,000 watts of sound at a small outdoor reception on a May afternoon, you may want to question whether the DJ is working in your best interest.

  5. Price should not be the only factor: Especially for couples just starting out, every dollar counts! Staying within a budget is certainly important, but is spending $1000 on the cake, then trying to find a DJ for $50 an hour because your budget is blown going to be worth the money you saved?  I'm not saying that the most expensive DJ will be the best, but like anything, often you get what you pay for.  Read the Reviews. Look at the website. Talk to them.  This is YOUR MOST SPECIAL DAY!  How long will you or your guests remember an awesome reception experience? (probably forever right?) ..and on the flip side.. If your "budget" DJ is awful how long will that haunt your dreams? Make this a careful and informed decision, and don't be afraid to share your budget with the DJ upfront. 



There is no greater effect or accessory that gives you more "bang for the buck" than uplighting.  This can change the entire "feel" of the room with virtually any color and can be matched to your wedding color palette. 

Custom Gobos

This a unique and elegant touch to your dancefloor, wall, ceiling or projection screen.  We can add any custom gobo to our intelligent lighting, TV Screens or video projector.  


Video Screens or Projectors

What Premium Wedding Package is complete with out some video screens? These add such a beautiful statement to the room and can be used to show picture and video clips of the bride and groom from the day they met or even as a picture anthology from when they were born.  In addition for our larger weddings we have used them as "live feeds" for the cutting of the cake, first dance, etc.  

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